Part 7 Closer to today


Playing Fields Association

This large, well kept field is the one public asset which can truly be said to belong to the 'village. It is owned by the village and run by the Playing fields association. The association was formed in 1946 and has worked for many years to bring the playing fields to its present condition and are closely involved in the building of the new Community centre which will soon replace the existing wooden building which they currently use.

Falcon View, Windmill Way houses built. Nos 1 & 3 Bradden Way were also part of the development
The rest of Bradden Way and Smithland Court were built about 1970 by Drabbles. Bengal Lane development also completed approx 1970

Permission requested for housing adjacent to Bradden Way. This is now Home Close. 
A scheme also put forward to convert a derelict building called Home Farm into an Old Peoples Home. This building was on the village green. Behind Home Farm it was planned to build sheltered housing. By 1982 29-30 units had been built. These units (bungalows and flats) filled in the gap between Home Close and the centre of the village. 
Before the above was opened more old people's flats were opened between the school and the council houses (Cox Gardens)

Mill Lane development Planning Approval given (land owned by Wyken)

Four self-build houses built in Bradden Road. 

Two estates built -Benham Road and Calvert Road/Close

The Rectory 
The old Rectory was sold in 1985 and a new Rectory constructed on the Towcester Road in 1986