Jubilee Garden


The idea of a garden was born out of discussion about the best use of the remaining old allotment land, left over after the sale of land for affordable housing, in 1999. 

Northamptonshire County Council, who own the land, made a covenant that no buildings can be erected on the site. In 2001 it was leased to Greens Norton Parish Council for 99 years at a "Peppercorn Rent?. 

On behalf of the Parish Council Jonathan Kingsleigh-Smith worked with the Countryside Agency to reach their criteria for funding from their Doorstep Greens Fund. A committee comprising Greens Norton residents, representatives of the Parish Council and a landscape architect met regularly to formulate plans and to keep the public informed. In 2002 an exhibition showing the proposed possible plans for a garden was shown in the Methodist Church Room, the garden was opened in 2004. 

It was decided to call the project the Jubilee Garden as it was originally hoped to start work in the Jubilee year.

Incorporated in the garden are low wooden stepping-stones, which young children can use. The aim is to make the garden a place where all ages and abilities can relax, reflect and enjoy as they wander or sit. On the practical side it is low maintenance and colourful all the year as well as a sensory garden.