The club was started in the village in 1983 with the object of promoting recreational and educational activities for the members and to work with other village groups in promoting a community spirit within the villages.  The Club has a Constitution, and has taken out insurance cover for its activities, which are varied and open to all paid-up members of the Club to attend as they wish. 

There is no additional membership charge for the individual groups - merely a meeting charge of 50p each time you attend.

A general meeting is held on the first Monday of the month from 10 am to 12 noon at Greens Norton Community Centre. We start with ‘business’, followed by time for members to sign up for activities, have coffee and chat. The last hour is usually given over to a speaker (sometimes home grown) or occasionally to a fund raising activity. We hold an Annual General Meeting in October.  Summer and Christmas lunches are organised for the first Monday of July and December respectively.

Details of the planned activities throughout the full range of Fifty Plus groups are published each month, and you can find the current list here.